An Overview: April

Our Gr.3's have been working hard!

Language: We are finally all finished up with narrative writing! Students have been working hard on procedural writing. Topics have included "How to Make a Snowman", "How to Make S'Mores", "How to Brush Your Teeth" and "How to Get Ready for School".

This week, we will be taking a more hands on approach to writing! First, we will read a procedural text on how to make slime and then as a large group we will follow the instructions and step by step make the slime together. After making the slime, students will independently write their final procedural text on "How to Make Slime", with their goal of teaching their audience how to make slime with specific steps and details.

Math: We are wrapping up geometry this week. The past couple weeks we have been exploring symmetry, classifying 2-D and 3-D shapes and transformations of shapes (rotation, translation and reflection). This week we will begin working with money up to $10 and continue reviewing past Math and Language concepts in preparation for EQAO.


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