DIY Slime: A Hands on Procedural Activity

Our slime making was a success! Today as a class we read through, step by step, how to make slime. Then students watched and helped me make 3 separate batches of slime. With each batch I explained, in detail, how to complete each step. We made sure to include important steps like cleaning up after ourselves and discussed how to play with slime appropriately (i.e. not getting it on our clothes, the carpet or in our hair.). Once our slime was all cleaned up we moved to an independent activity, writing our final procedural text.

Students each received their own small bag of slime to take home. Thanks for a great day Gr.3's!

Step 1: Add all your ingredients...

Step 2: Mix really well!

Step 3: Kneed and play with your slime!!


It was my first time making slime, but I absolutely loved this site and the finished product! So, I attached the site if you are interested.
DIY Fluffy Slime!


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