This Week: Olympics

What an exciting week ahead of us! In honour of the Olympics, our class is working together with Mrs. Sloan's class to do a number of cross curricular activities that all tie into the Winter Olympics. Check out our co-created bulletin board outside our classroom:

Our board includes a bar graph of the the current medal count of the top eight countries predicted to win the most medals. As a class, each morning we will look up the current medal standings and then students will update the bar graph. Check it out here! Current Medal Standings

Our bulletin board also includes "Fun Fact of the Day" and "Star of the Day" which highlights one Canadian athlete and one international athlete. Mrs. Sloan and myself created exemplars for today and tomorrow while the students work in pairs to research an athlete they chose. Once completed, students will get to see their own work up in the bulletin for "Star of the Day" over the course of the next two weeks. Today we talked about Erin Jackson, a speed skater from the U.S and then Justine Dufour-Lapointe, a moguls athlete from Montreal. Here is an example of what the students will be creating:

We are looking forward to the next two weeks of learning, all themed around and dedicated to the Olympics. It's wonderful to see the Grade 3's with so much Canadian spirit!


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