Swim to Survive & Volunteers

We had a great first day at Swim to survive!

As a warm up, the students played a short game of octopus in the shallow end. Students then completed a couple short swimming assessments. By doing this, the lifeguards were able to level their swimming abilities for proper instruction in the upcoming weeks. The instructors were wonderful and very organized! They ensured the entire time that each child felt safe while swimming and were all having fun.

Today's lesson included:
- small groups of four swimming the length of the deep end (there and back, with a noodle if needed/preferred by the student)
- rolling off of a floating foam platform into the water. (This helps teach students to not panic when they are disoriented under water if they fall in)
- in pairs with a lifeguard, students practiced treading water in the deep end for 60 seconds, keeping their whole head above water the entire time

All the kids had a blast this morning and they all swam really hard! Needless to say it was a very quiet and sleepy bus ride back to school. We are very excited to see everything we will learn in the upcoming weeks!

Also, if there are any more parents or guardians interested in volunteering for Feb 27, or Mar 6th that would be great! Lots of helping hands are needed, especially if there are any male volunteers available to supervise the boys change room.

**Please note that the venue for this activity is at the KLC (Kanata Leisure Center / Wave Pool) and not at Walter Baker Pool. I apologize for any confusion and will send a reminder to volunteers of future dates.


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