Week of Jan 8-12

Welcome Back Grade 3's!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas break. We're already back in the swing of things and working really hard.

Homework: Unfortunately, due to unforeseen IT issues with Hapara, homework was not shared with students until this afternoon. Students have until Monday to complete the homework.

**Permission forms for the field trip to snowshoe in Gatineau Park were sent home and are due back on Friday, January 12th. 

Math: This week we will be exploring addition & subtraction word problems that require multiple steps in order to find the solution. This includes working with 3-digit numbers for both adding and subtracting. Students are encouraged to continue using a variety of strategies to solve the math problems, but also practice using the standard algorithm to double check their work.

Language: We are continuing to write persuasive texts. This week we started with a shared reading of " I Wanna Iguana". Next, students independently wrote a rough draft of a pet that they want. Each paragraph has three main arguments with supporting detail for each. For example: If I get a dog I promise to be responsible. I will do all of the chores for him, like feeding him and making sure he has water.

Science: We began a new science unit: Forces! We talked about forces around us everyday (push/pull etc). We co-created a "Wonder Wall" and asked questions we have about forces. I will be using their inquiries to create experiments and group activities. We will complete these experiments in the classroom as a way to further explore forces and how they behave in the world around us.

Over the next week and a half students will be choosing small groups, picking a song, and creating a dance routine to demonstrate their understanding of the elements of dance.


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