This Week Jan 29- Feb 2


This week in math we are continuing with multiplication and introducing the concept of division.

Here is a resource that you might find helpful. I have also posted it to the weekly homework!

Introduction to Division


We are now into Narrative writing and looking at what defines a narrative text. Coming up:

1. As a class we will discuss parts of a narrative (i.e. setting, characters, problem, solution).

2.Students will then have hands on practice identifying these characteristics in small groups. They will be given a short narrative text, read it and have to pull out all the parts of a narrative.

3. I will model how to brainstorm and write a short narrative.

4. Students will practice writing short creative paragraphs.

The final project for our narrative writing unit will be that each student creates and writes their own short narrative in class.


Continuing on with our Forces unit, we will be conducting experiments in class and recording our predictions and results of the experiments. We will also consolidate after our experiments to talk about what we discovered (i.e. how forces behave in and influence our everyday life).


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