Our week and looking ahead....

Math and Language

We are beginning to learn about graphs, specifically pictographs and bar graphs. Today we learned about scale. Tomorrow, we will work in groups to complete a bar graph and determine an appropriate scale. Students will need to learn about the features of a graph, including a title and labels. 

In language, we continue to work on determining importance, using our schema and making inferences. Our current learning goals are to ensure all of our responses answer the questions with relevant information and that our connections relate to the question and information. Today, we reviewed a text that was used as an assessment piece. We reread the text to brainstorm main ideas and then reviewed the text to find the relevant information to answer questions. 

Students have access to anchor charts that we co-created as we worked on various texts. We have a bump-it up wall/handout that students can check to see if they have met the success criteria and an anchor chart that lists the steps students should take as they complete a reading task. 

Looking ahead..
Field Trip to Gatineau Park (snowshoeing). Thursday January 18 (Let's hope for snow!)
Christmas Concert December 22nd
Swim to Survive Dates: Feb 20, 27 and March 6 

Permission forms will go out a couple of weeks prior to each field trip.

December is a busy month as students work towards demonstrating their learning through independent assessments after much explicit instruction, group work, and practice. We are also practicing for the Christmas concert.
 Homework will continue until the last week. There will be no homework during the holidays. Homework will begin again in the new year.

Yours in Catholic Education,
Mrs Zulpo


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