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This is a friendly reminder to those creating a poster for the research project to bring in a bristol board (purchased at the dollar store) for Tuesday, December 12th. Those students who chose to create a slideshow do not need to bring in a bristol board or pictures.

I will be printing off the students typed research, so that all the students have to do is bring in pictures of their animal. Before creating their final project, I will model how to design a research poster, which the students will use as an anchor chart to ensure a successful project and presentation. 

Language (Writing):

This past week we started a new unit: Persuasive Writing.

On Tuesday we read Dear Mrs. LaRoue, a series of letters written from the perspective of a dog (Ike) at obedience school, begging his owner to bring him back home. As a group we highlighted Ike’s main arguments and discussed how he was trying to convince to owner to take him home.

To continue, we will be examining a variety of persuasive texts and letters, determining the position of the writer (their opinion) as well as how they try and convince their audience through valid arguments (a list of reasons and supporting details). As a class we will write a persuasive text and co-create an anchor chart with success criteria. The students will reference this throughout the unit as a guide when writing independently.


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