This week's learning goals

This week, we have continued to work on our class learning goals to (1) add all relevant text support to our reading response questions and (2) use the bump-it up wall to look for areas where we can improve our work. This week, we have read a text about the venus flytrap, answered questions, looked at exemplars, gave feedback to each other's work and discussed the main ideas of each paragraph found in the text. Slowly, the students are beginning to use specific and relevant text support.

In math, we continue to work on solving algebraic expressions and problems involving time. Students are encouraged to learn their math facts up to 7x7.

In health, we are beginning to research topics about safety. Students will be researching their topics in groups but they will complete a slide deck with their information independently. Tomorrow, we will brainstorm our guiding research questions and discuss how to use 'jot' notes as we research.

A friendly reminder that next Friday is a PD day and there will be no school.

Yours in Catholic Education,
Mrs Zulpo


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