Math Apps

In class, we often use manipulatives to help students solve math problems. Visual aids help students to understand big ideas and concepts in mathematics.

Here is a list of math apps (some are manipulatives). Some of these apps are free, others are paid. I have not previewed many of these apps as I use physical manipulatives in my classroom. However, I still wished to share the list with you.

Math Apps
Below is a list of math apps.  Some are free and some are paid.

Number Rack - Rows of red and white beads encourage students to work on addition & subtraction strategies while dealing with friendly numbers of 5 and 10.

Base Ten Number Blocks - Basic operations can be practiced using ones, tens and hundred blocks.

Virtual Manipulatives - A virtual set of fraction bars may be used to help solve problems.

Hands-On Math Hundreds Chart - Patterns may be displayed using markers on a hundreds chart.

Early Learning Abacus - Includes 10 rows of 10 beads for solving problems and counting.

Geoboard - Practice angles, congruence, area and fractions with stretch bands around pegs that form line segments.

Mandalar- Pattern blocks are used to create Tessellations, geometric tiling and more.

Teaching Number Lines - Learn to count, sequence, add and subtract using a number line.

Big Calculator - Keep track of calculations.

Dice - Can choose to roll up to 20 standard dice.

Natural 20 Lite - Roll single or multiple dice.
Splash Math - Free & paid apps that cover K-5 Math skills.

NxtApp 4Kids - Play number sequences “at the farm”

Motion Math: Hungry Fish - Practice addition & subtraction to feed the fish.

Sushi Monster - Practice multiplication & addition as you place sushi near the monster to make a target number.

Math vs. Zombies - Practice all math facts

Math Blaster HyperBlash 2 HD - Practice all math facts to battle and defeat the Alien Boss.

Math Evolve - Choice of any math facts to practice

Meteor Math - Solve problems by crashing math meteors

Mathmateer - Rockets are built and flown to the stars while playing different missions that cover several math domains.

Math Bingo - Play bingo alone or with friends to practice all math facts.

Numbler - Math equations are built on a crossword style board.

Mystery Math Town - Math skills are used to rescue the fireflies as houses are searched in Mystery Math Town.

Motion Math Zoom - Practice place value skills by “zooming” through the number line.

Garfield’s Mental Math Games - Number relationships are developed through visual images and representations of groups of 5 and 10.

Sam Phibian - Sam grows too big when fed the wrong number of bugs.

Tick Tock Clock - Learn to tell time with digital or analog clock.

Bunny Race Game - Race the bunny to the finish line by practicing numbers, counting, addition & subtraction.

Pizza Fractions - Name simple fractions using pizza picture examples.

Digitz - Recall math facts using a Tetris type game.

Symmetry Shuffle - Target images are used to look at turns, flips and slides.

Tangram - Tangram pieces are used to solve puzzles.

Slice It - Slice a shape into pieces that are equal in size.

10 Monkeys Multiplication -Free trapped monkeys using multiplication skills.

Grand Prix Multiplication - Race one another while practicing multiplication facts.

Multiplication for Kids - Practice times tables from 0 to 20.

Times Table Warp - Fly through a virtual environment while practicing multiplication facts to blast asteroids.

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