Friday's Activities


St Anne School held a liturgy on Friday in the afternoon to mark Remembrance Day. As a class, we also spent the day learning more about Remembrance Day. During first block, the students were captivated by a visit from one of their classmate's father- Mr Nicholson serves in the Royal Canadian Navy as a  Lieutenant Commander. He spent first block showing the students a few videos about the history and present duties of the Royal Canadian Navy as well as sharing his experiences and answering questions. A big thank-you to Mr Nicholson! 

In second block, I read a book called "Bunny the Brave War Horse". The books tells the story of two brothers and a horse and their experiences serving in World War 1. Afterwards, the students practiced answering reading response questions. As a class, we will be working towards using as much text support as we can as we answer reading response questions.

In Math, we are continuing to work on algebra and well as questions on time. In grade 3, students must understand the relationship between years, months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes.

Sample questions include:

I traveled for about 17 weeks. For about how many months did I travel?
I practice playing soccer for 30 minutes each day for two weeks. Will I have practiced for 10 after two weeks?

Sample Algebra Questions:

---- + ------ = 52-18

Show as many different possibilities as you can. What do you notice?


While I do not mark homework as it is viewed as additional practice for students to consolidate their skills, students are welcome to share any challenges they experienced as they completed their homework. I will gladly include these questions in our morning math lessons.

Yours in Catholic Education,
Mrs Zulpo


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